July 5, 2018

What To Wear To Your Engagement Session

When it comes to engagement sessions the most common question I’m asked is “What do we wear?” so I’m sharing a couple tips to help you ace the shoot in style! We will cover the recommended number of outfits, colors, and how to coordinate to get the look you want.

Color is critical! Luckily, there are a few simple guidelines I like to follow: neutral colors, subtle patterns, use of texture, and coordinating but not matching. Neutral color doesn’t mean no color, just stick with cool tones (navy, burgundy, emerald, blush, dusty blue, etc). You will thank me later for warning you about avoiding neon colors (bright orange, lime green, hot pink, etc) because they will reflect on your skin giving unwanted color casts. If you want to add in a pop of color the best way is with accessories.

I know, I know, it’s tempting to go all “27 Dresses” when you have a big shoot coming up. My recommendation is stick to 2 outfits: one casual and one dressy. This will allow us to spend our time taking photos instead of changing outfits. Gents, this means jeans/nice button up and a suit; ladies jeans/nice top and a dress. The most important thing is that you want to feel like yourself and comfortable in the outfits that you choose.

Like I said above, don’t match… coordinate! I remember when we would take family photos as a kid and everyone wore a white shirt and jeans, way to matchy-matchy for an engagement session. Pairing a solid color and pattern is a great place to start when coordinating. Avoid pairing two many patterns in one outfit so that it won’t be a distraction in the photos. For the record, I’m not hating on the white shirt and jeans look. Every outfit has it’s place.